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Sister Shining Plasma Rifle of Tranquility
19 November 2013 @ 08:22 am
Casually dumping some non-robot art...

Pacific Rim thing I drew in July, Cherno Alpha pilots, femdom-ish: HERE

Couple of newer Les Mis things, (2012 movie) Javert/Valjean: HERE

These have all been posted on tumblr already.
Sister Shining Plasma Rifle of Tranquility
10 July 2013 @ 09:31 am
NSFW Ambulon/Whirl, drawn on the suggestion of a couple of chat buddies.


Also on my tumblr
Sister Shining Plasma Rifle of Tranquility
25 June 2013 @ 08:32 am
Most people I know here I probably know on tumblr and/or twitter as well and have already had the chance to see these, but for the sake of thoroughness, links to some fanart I've done recently:


More suggestive than actually graphic, although the Kup/Quintessons one recreates a famously explicit ukiyo-e.
Sister Shining Plasma Rifle of Tranquility
12 April 2013 @ 08:23 pm
I went to see Evil Dead with a buddy a couple of days ago, and while we were waiting at the bus stop to go there, I don't remember how it came up but somehow he got onto the topic of things other than toilet paper that he'd wiped his ass with. He claimed to have wiped his ass with newspaper, plastic bags, cheetos bags, and pages ripped out of his calculus text book. Swore up and down that he was telling the truth.

I'm laughing hysterically as he relates these stories, but also watching these maybe five or six UT students waiting at the bus stop with us, because my buddy's talking loudly enough that they can all definitely hear him, and they keep shooting looks at him, and he's completely oblivious to it. So fucking funny.
Sister Shining Plasma Rifle of Tranquility
Done, finally.

The work-safe post, with art for caiusmajor, gunmaxual, peacewish, rabbitucker, omorka, dragondancer515, swindleslog, and spacehussy.

The less work-safe post, with art for ultharkitty, swordage, evvj, eerian_sadow, and some tumblr buddies.

I'm really sorry it took me so long. It shouldn't have - I was making good progress, had most of the drawing done well before Christmas and did most of the coloring on the train ride to New Orleans, but I got stuck on the poses for a couple of the pictures and ended up with a case of art block. Weh. Forced myself to finish those two pictures today and actually like how they came out, although now I'm iffy on some of the ones I was happy with at first. Anyway, here they are.

Sister Shining Plasma Rifle of Tranquility
04 January 2013 @ 03:30 pm
This is for anyone who's got a Dreamwidth account but hasn't seen this yet for whatever reason: there's a Transformers friending meme going on over there. So go make some new friends!

The Dreamwidth Transformers Newsletter&apos;s Friending Meme
Sister Shining Plasma Rifle of Tranquility
15 December 2012 @ 07:25 pm
This year's selection of WTFery from Etsy.

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Sister Shining Plasma Rifle of Tranquility
In which the Auto Parts and the West Europeans tangle with the internet

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Sister Shining Plasma Rifle of Tranquility
So about a year ago I did this stupid little Trasformers doodle with my tablet and posted it on here just to show everyone how ridiculously crap my tablet drawing skills are. But after that I started using my tablet more to do, like, rough, preliminary sketches of things before drawing them on paper. And I guess I've been improving or something? So I was looking through my crap folder and saw that old doodle and it made me LOL, and I decided to do this post.

Under the cut is a doodle of Megatron, Ratchet, and Soundwave that I drew in late November 2011, and then a tablet sketch I drew this week for an Airachnid/Silas picture that I'm eventually going to draw for reals in pencil (for a series of robot/human femdom pics, if anyone is curious).

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Sister Shining Plasma Rifle of Tranquility
So youtube has this thing where you can have it put captions on the video you're watching.

I do questionable things when I'm boredCollapse )